Transhumanist Propaganda

The British Brainwashing Corporation is leading the way, preparing the minds of the masses to accept the transhumanist worldview. Unbelievable amounts of money is going to be funnelled into propaganda like this in the coming years, creating a distorted fantasy where crypto-slavery and 24/7 surveillance is actually seen as desirable, evolutionary and even necessary.

The gaslighting and smear campaigns ahead will be something similar to the “anti-vaxxer” demonisation. People who value their organic human biology will be made to seem like religious fanatics and dangerous extremists. This will be done first subtly through tv-series and movies, like in the BBC Years and Years drama shown below. Then it will move into “studies” and “expert statements” of how the “techno-denialists” or “anti-evolutionarists”, whatever derogatory label they will give us, are perhaps endangering their children by not subjecting them to the newest technologies available and curbing their development into a full humanoid of the 21st century.

After such studies, they will likely create some kind of a government narrative parroted around by different politicians of how the organic humans are actually endangering the entire population not accepting the norms of the A.I. society, since they can move around undetected, buy and sell things without a trace, and thus could even pose a terrorist risk to the society. Perhaps they would also severely pollute the environment and further the climate crisis, since their consumption and carbon footprint could not be tracked and recorded in realtime.

This kind of systematic gaslighting will continue on and on unless we put an end to it. We need to break the spell. We’re not living in some BBC fantasy. The transhumanist world where “biological humanity needs to be redefined” is on its way, and it means total enslavement of our species. Permanently. Do you think once they implant the first neuralink technologies into people’s brains, that they would not weaponise this system? Do you honestly believe that life as a crypto-currency creating biological robot is a life worth living? 

Seriously. Is this the future you want for your children?

By Henna Maria

I am and have always been a seeker. Having grown up in a tiny town in a Finnish forest, I was naturally called to explore the world. I moved to California by the age of 18 and began my activism helping the homeless in San Francisco. In 2008 I started campaigning for refugees with Amnesty International in Finland, and in 2012 I became vegan and started advocating for animals rights in London. 
 My search to comprehend the inner and outer landscapes of life eventually took me to the cradle of indigenous wisdom, the Amazon Rainforest. There I learnt ancient healing arts apprenticing with the Shipibo tribe together with my husband Richard for 5 years. 
 In 2019 I founded Dawn of Peace, bringing together my love for activism and spirituality, and began forming a collective of peace makers, who have the capacity to address the diverse issues of our world from a holistic and compassionate perspective. In 2021, I became the international coordinator and director of Police for Freedom - educating police and civilians about our inalienable rights, in order to build unity and rehumanise our societies.

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