The case against “virology” and the idea of “viruses”

Art by KMA In order to deal with the topic of “virology” and the existence of “viruses” we first need to answer the simple question, how do we prove the existence of a “virus”? If people in the same area come down with the same set of symptoms is this proof of a “virus”? No,… Continue reading The case against “virology” and the idea of “viruses”

Transhumanist Propaganda

The British Brainwashing Corporation is leading the way, preparing the minds of the masses to accept the transhumanist worldview. Unbelievable amounts of money is going to be funnelled into propaganda like this in the coming years, creating a distorted fantasy where crypto-slavery and 24/7 surveillance is actually seen as desirable, evolutionary and even necessary. The… Continue reading Transhumanist Propaganda