The Ten Stages of Genocide

Examining the theory “10 Stages of Genocide” created by the American genocide scholar Gregory H. Stanton, we see that as things are, humanity is in the midst of a global genocide. The stages that describe the progression of events towards genocide do not necessarily manifest in a linear manner, but may take place at the same time as well. By recognising these stages, we can awaken to the severity of our predicament and become empowered to take action.

The first stage of genocide is Classification – categorising a group of people who are the “problem”, the “threat” to society. In the past this has been a certain ethnicity, race, gender, religion or nationality – but the tyranny of today encompasses all of this – the target group is people who stand for bodily sovereignty and human rights, people who want to guard their medical freedom and the knowledge and practise of self-healing, people who want to be self-sufficient and generate their own income. Basically they are targeting free people – and their goal is to crush them, turning all self-sovereign individuals into a slave class dependant on the state. This is the new world order – the end of private ownership, the end of private source of income, the end of self-healing, the end of cultivating your own food and medicine — everything will be state governed, state monitored, state owned. Including your body and mind.

The second stage of genocide is symbolisation – the targeted group is made to stand out from the rest and be an object of visible differentiation. In the covid cult, this is done through reverse psychology – the safe and good people cover their faces, and the bad and dangerous people are the ones without the mask. That is how you recognise the target group – people who do not wear the mask.

The third stage of genocide is discrimination. The dominant establishment uses mandates, laws, customs, norms and political power to deny the rights of the target group. Now, without a mask, one cannot enter a shop, a town hall, a bus, a plane, a park. Soon in addition to the mask mandate, the vaccine will be made the same tool for systemic discrimination – one cannot participate in society or travel without it.

The fourth stage of genocide is dehumanisation – the lack of humanity of the discriminated group is expressed through propaganda. This is where systemic name calling comes in, right now you know who are the targeted individuals, as they are being robbed of their humanity and reduced to offensive labels: extreme right, conspiracy theorist, and anti-vaxxer. Parallels are being drawn to terrorists, fanatics, lunatics, selfish psychopaths and disease-spreading dirty unhygienic people by the ruling class, the media, and the citizens. Nobody even shrugs when a major newspaper calls medical freedom advocates anti-vaxxers, it’s considered a rightful term for them. This is how you know the discrimination and dehumanisation has reached a systemic level, it has been totally accepted and adopted by the popular culture.

The fifth stage of genocide is organisation – a state, an institution, or an organisation make genocidal killing plans. This actually took place 2019, as the pandemic game Event 201 took place, where all scenarios for the pandemic response were gone over and rehearsed. Also the Rockefeller document Operation Lockstep was generated already in 2010, where future scenarios for government lockdowns and increasing top-down control as well as citizen pushback were carefully examined. The plans for vaccinating the entire population of the Earth were already put in motion in the 90’s where United Nation created their plan for the 21st century, also known as the Agenda 21. This genocide is different, as it’s not blatant mass-shooting of the unwanted people. It’s a global silent treason, with fear-based mind control to convince people to bow down to their own demise – through loss of livelihood, loss of human rights, loss of culture, medical violence and murder by injection.

The sixth stage of genocide is polarisation, deliberate fuelling of the fire between the masses and the discriminated minority. This is where you see the role of the media, amplifying the belief that healthy people are “asymptomatic” disease carriers, that if we don’t get them under control, locked up and masked, they put to risk all the rest of the people, and that the refusal to follow the restrictions is causing the lockdowns to go on further. All of this is designed to put the pressure on the target group – they are the reason for everyone’s suffering, they are guilty, they have to be gotten rid of.

The seventh stage of genocide is preparation – where the discriminated individuals are identified and separated, there is deportation and isolation. This is already in motion – but again through reverse psychology – where the masses are marked, and if you do not have the mark – you are separated from society. The first mark was the mask, the second mark will be the vaccine passport, and finally, there will be digital identifications in the form of embedded technology and microchips. Anyone without these symbols is going to be an outcast.

The eighth stage of genocide is persecution – where the identified group will face their isolation in practise, their property may also be seized and they may be forced to wear identifying symbols. There are so called quarantine camps that have been built, where infected individuals will be forcefully treated, medicated and re-educated. According to the new pandemic laws of many nations, police has the right to enter people’s homes and forcefully remove an infected individual – “so-called” infected – as everyone who has done their proper education knows that the PCR is unable to prove the existence of a virus in an infectious state, and thus a positive reading from the PCR does not mean someone is sick or contagious. In the UK public health act, there is even a part highlighted, that the property of the infected individual can be destroyed to help “stop the spread”.

The ninth stage of genocide is extermination. This is where the massacres begin – but this is called extermination as the victims are not considered to be fully human. In the Covidian cult, the massacres are happening on many levels, one is the semi-voluntary genocide of all the people who accept the lockdowns and die as a result of it, one is the vaccine genocide, where people who are hoping to be saved by the pharmaceutical injection actually end up becoming injured and many eventually dying from the poison, and lastly, the attempted elimination of the free people – shutting down all dissenting voices and all opposition to the tyranny.

The tenth stage of genocide is denial – the perpetrators deny the systemic discrimination and massacre of people, and often they actually end up blaming the victims, hiding evidence of their crimes and murdering witnesses. We are partly here, seeing the symptoms of this phenomena, as governments are refusing to acknowledge all the carnage that has already been caused by the lockdowns, human rights violations, and crushing of the economy.

This is a serious situation my friends. The time for living in delusion and fantasy is over. As you can see, we are in the middle of a global genocide, and the longer we refuse to come to terms with this truth, the more people are going to be harmed and killed. The future of humanity is in the hands of each and every one of us.

There are talks of lists being made of all the perpetrators of this monstrosity, so that all the individuals who are complicit can be held accountable. Doctors who can see that the ventilators and anti-viral drugs are actually killing people but continue following the inhumane and harmful hospital policies, nurses who administer the poison vaccine masquerading as medicine without taking personal responsibility of studying the ingredients and the known risks, hospital workers who witness day after day how empty their hospitals are and how there is no pandemic, teachers who are witnessing the growing anxiety and isolation of their students but continue to enforce a psychologically damaging world view to their students that their mere breath can kill someone, police officers who are systemically breaking the constitution by harassing peaceful people with illegal fines and arrests, public officers and politicians who are writing up the mandates that are violating all international human rights declarations – all of you who knowingly go along with this crime – this is my invitation to you: come out as a whistle blower now or be charged with crimes against humanity and be remembered as a traitor of your own sisters and brothers.

We will not be silenced and we will not allow our children to become the slaves of a technocratic, pharmaceutical dictatorship.

By Henna Maria

I am and have always been a seeker. Having grown up in a tiny town in a Finnish forest, I was naturally called to explore the world. I moved to California by the age of 18 and began my activism helping the homeless in San Francisco. In 2008 I started campaigning for refugees with Amnesty International in Finland, and in 2012 I became vegan and started advocating for animals rights in London. 
 My search to comprehend the inner and outer landscapes of life eventually took me to the cradle of indigenous wisdom, the Amazon Rainforest. There I learnt ancient healing arts apprenticing with the Shipibo tribe together with my husband Richard for 5 years. 
 In 2019 I founded Dawn of Peace, bringing together my love for activism and spirituality, and began forming a collective of peace makers, who have the capacity to address the diverse issues of our world from a holistic and compassionate perspective. In 2021, I became the international coordinator and director of Police for Freedom - educating police and civilians about our inalienable rights, in order to build unity and rehumanise our societies.


  1. We’re witnessing the worst tyranny ever seen in modern day life in our country. And across the globe.History has a very nasty habit of repeating itself. If allowed to. Especially where evil lurks amongst the brightest soul’s that are awakening. And as stars ⭐in the sky so high twinkling and gleaming, precious joy of love and laughter keep on streaming through subconscious connected unity. We shall best this Attempted Assault upon humanity. ❤

  2. This all, horrifically, makes perfect sense. It has only recently dawned on me after almost a year of denial. Who is pulling the strings? Our government leaders don’t have the intelligence to mastermind this.
    Carry on the good work. I fear for the future of my children and grandchildren.

  3. Very believable, but what do you attribute all those “Covid-related” deaths to? I know a couple people whose relatives died, supposedly of Covid-19. Is there any way for my friends to find the true cause of death of their relatives?

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